About Us

Sequoia Deployment Services, Inc., is a California corporation established by six professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in the wireless communications industry. The different backgrounds of the owners complement each other and in combination allow Sequoia to provide its clients with the best possible network deployment services, including the application of project management controls.

Some of the owners’ experience includes:

  • developed and documented work processes and procedures for deploying sites, including scopes of work, work flow, standard forms, and training materials.
  • developed project forms, processes and procedures for Co-Location, Leasing and Title, Interconnection, and Construction Management Departments.
  • identified legal issues, negotiated complex leases, and resolved problems with leased sites; verified legal descriptions and vesting of real property.
  • developed and integrated management systems with client organizations to accurately capture critical project metrics with a user-friendly interface.
  • designed and implemented custom software to manage and track the deployment of sites on a site-specific basis; integrated a commercial accounting system with applications for time keeping, procurement, project schedule, project management, and historical data collection.
  • project manager with responsibility for network deployment, budgets, and quality control; lead the team responsible for site expansions.
  • managed multiple site deployment firms for carrier to meet network deployment objectives.
  • developed processes and procedures for carrier’s network deployment teams to identify, develop, and secure key coverage objectives while balancing time to market, site cost, and network performance.
  • represented carriers in most jurisdictions throughout southern and central California; worked with community leaders, neighborhood groups, public affairs organizations, and elected officials.
  • managed interconnection and construction work including constructability reviews, interconnection design, general contractor bidding, and site construction for new site deployment and site expansions.
More detailed descriptions of our experience can be found in Sequoia’s Statement of Capabilities which may be requested by contacting us.

Sequoia’s employees complete their work accurately and efficiently by following written procedures that have been designed to integrate their work into the STAR system. In addition to handling the development of individual properties, Sequoia has the tools and expertise necessary to handle deployment projects involving the development of numerous discrete properties.

Sequoia is available today to provide any combination of its services to assist you in your network deployment efforts which can be tailored as necessary to satisfy your requirements.

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